Chatbot heralds the dawn of Artificial Intelligence-powered conversational interface that interprets speech or text before providing a response. Kellton Tech harnesses the power of digital technology to provide custom chatbot development, enabling businesses to leave their interactive operations and concentrate on core value addition.  

The Chatbot Impact

  • Engages with end-user in natural, easily understandable way.
  • Offers constantly updated information, can quickly sift through vast data for proper response.
  • Enables service on 24/7 basis, and planned downtime.
  • Auto-response enhances brand, provision for push notifications for updates
  • Interaction doesn’t get influenced by human traits like mood-swings and tiredness.
  • Provisions for interaction through familiar messaging apps, enriches customer experience.

Transforming your business

  • Scalable Solution: Customer service representatives can optimize chatbot experience, while focusing on other core operations. They can offer human intervention only when necessary, thereby accruing human capital efficiency gains.
  • Enhanced Customer Intelligence: Chatbots enable automatic storage of data points, enabling companies to use analytics-driven insights for personalized customer experience and product design.
  • Customized Campaigns: Context-driven conversations strengthen customer relationships and reinforce your brand. The vast data from chatbot form the basis for effective marketing campaigns and customer loyalty retention programs.
  • Human Resource engagement: HR Departments can use Chatbots to enable employees to connect with them via mobile, enabling the employees to get requisite information in real-time, for faster decision-making. Further, chatbots can automate select HR processes, which require repetitive efforts from HR staff. They can track employee progress and assist HR in recruitment like prioritizing current job openings using machine learning.

Why Kellton Tech?

As a global leader in digital transformation, Kellton Tech is best-equipped to implement your Chatbot development. We bring together a versatile set of digital skills and expertise to develop a Chatbot that capitalizes on our ISMAC (Internet of things, Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) focus and legacy system integration capability.

We build chatbots that enrich user experience, bring significant gains in customer delight, loyalty, process automation, and improved returns of investment.

  • E-Commerce: Helps customer in purchase decision, offers discount codes, notifies out-of-stock products and availability status. Automates order processes, delivers shipping notification and handles customer concerns.
  • Healthcare: Auto-response for health-related enquiries on 24/7 basis. Helps patients fix appointment with right doctor, alerts them of pre and post appointment actions. Assists in food-consumption tracking, renews prescriptions etc.
  • Retail: Assists customer-engagement via feedback-seeking and recommendation-providing chatbots. Offers response for simple for frequently asked questions. Frees retailers from certain jobs, enabling them to provide add more value.
  • Banking: Assists customer with basic services like finding their bank balance, monitor incoming payments, order wire funds etc. Offers real-time, contextual advice like directing to nearest ATM, and help during transactions. Automates fraud prevention process.
  • Manufacturing: Gives real-time account of import-export details, shipment status, inventoryetc. Offers integrated real-time monitoring provision for select personnel. Enables easy management of complex accounting process.