Food and Beverages

To ensure continuous product innovation along with stronger consumer relationships, we help food and beverage enterprises reduce ownership costs while promoting new capabilities. Our team of experts demonstrates innovative approach to resolve customer, technology, and supply chain constraints. 

Our full suite of services is designed to address the unique needs of our clients. 

Key Solutions Offered

  • Application Development: We help enterprises gain competitive edge across the entire portfolio of consumer products value chain that maximizes business impact and reduces risk. Our extensive experience in developing applications on best-in-class software suite includes working with platforms used by leading IT companies like Microsoft, SAS, Oracle etc.
  • Infrastructure Solutions: We help enterprises design, develop, and implement IT solutions aligned to your business needs and thus reducing costs. Our extensive range of enterprise solutions provides the foundation for monitoring processes in your connected network with the help of IP-enabled devices.
  • Testing: Cost-effective solutions within our portfolio of QA services include continuous availability, usability, security, and accessibility of your mobile and web applications.

Integration, collaboration and real-time access to accurate information from the integrated value chain are the major differentiating factor for food and beverage enterprises. Kellton Tech offers solutions to develop, deploy, upgrade, maintain, and support web and mobile applications that help enterprises in the food and beverage industry to drive business growth through improved operational efficiency.

Our solutions have helped enterprises to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction along with profitability despite fluctuating demand, strict regulations, slim profit margins, different raw materials, and capacity limitations.