Introducing a Better Path to ERP - Kellton4ERP Chemicals
Kellton4ERP is a new approach to quickly implementing SAP, the dominant Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. This 4-step process simplifies and speeds up implementation, reducing cost, complexity, and risk. Utilizing the proven technology of SAP Business All-in-One, Best Practices, and the experienced consultants of Kellton Tech, the process of implementing SAP begin and end in the same fiscal quarter.

Chemical Industry Challenges:
• Are regulatory pressures, quality and traceability issues, etc. slowing your time to market?
• Are you having difficulty analyzing and using your data to improve plant reliability and efficiency?
• Which KPIs will ensure reliability and compliance across your entire operations?
• How to leverage predicative analytics to prevent unplanned shutdowns and lost revenue?
• Is the predicted shortage of skilled labor in the chemical industry keeping you up at night?
• Are you experiencing rapid growth that is stretching your business processes beyond their limits?

Introducing a Better Path to ERP – Kellton4ERP Chemicals
Kellton4ERP Chemicals (Kellton4ERP Chem) leverages the Best Practices in Chemicals with standardized back office functionality coupled with pre-configured Chemical Industry specific solutions. With Implementation times measured in weeks (not months or years), Kellton4ERP Chemicals will make your life easier from the moment you make the call.

Your Kellton4ERP Chemicals implementation includes significant pre-configured best practices right out of the box including:
• Materials management
• Bulk production
• Capacity planning
• Batch management
• Quality management
• Sales and distribution
• Preventative maintenance
• Asset Accounting
• Controlling
• Procurement
• Forms and reporting

Introducing a Better Path to ERP – Kellton4ERP Chemicals
• Data load programs, tools, and templates
• Detailed transaction instructions and training materials
• Security profiles and roles
• Project plan and other accelerators


Kellton4ERP Chemicals Supports These Necessary Capabilities:
• Formula administration through maintenance of master data
• Improved information quality in sales, production, and controlling
• Process manufacturing with formula management
• Optimized production control
• Constantly updated market replacement costs reflecting current commodity demand
• Lot-related production, traceability, and recording
• Integrated Quality management
• Automatic printing of delivery certificates and safety data sheets
• Fulfillment of government regulations
• Bulk chemical planning and processing
• Active ingredients management and potency management
• Alternative Recipes and formulas
• Bulk storage as well as warehouse management for ingredients and finished goods
• Customer make-to-order fulfillment as well as make-to-stock production

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