Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI)

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) is one of the most dynamic and talked about industries today. Consumers facing the hectic pace of a modern life are eager to leverage solutions that ease day-to-day burdens. They are calling for a customized solution to address all of their BFSI needs.

Kellton Tech's dedicated research and development team has set out to answer this call by building applications for the BFSI sector. As projected by Gartner in the year 2012 that Money Transfer (or Mobile Wallet, as others call it) will be a full-fledged reality in the near future, with people utilizing mobile phones for banking, trading, money transferring and e-commerce on a daily basis; applications such as these would be present on all mobile devices. The advent of this technology opens a wide spectrum of development that Kellton Tech has already begun to exploit. 

Kellton Tech provides cutting edge mobility solutions to enterprises and has custom-built mobile applications for leading financial institutions. Banking on the company's mobility and location based services platform has generated award winning applications for clients worldwide.

Some of the features in our banking solution:

  • Location Based Services (LBS)  - locating branches and ATMs
  • Customized mobility for HN1/privileged customers
  • Automatic Credit/ Debit Card offer notification; based on LBS

Financial Services and Insurance

The industry requires a stable solution to capture the essence of the financial services and insurance markets, that are in continual flux. These markets demand solutions that are smart and agile, enabling firms to move quickly on well-informed business decisions. In particular, these systems must be able to process real-time data with complex algorithms and provide flexible reporting capabilities.

Kellton Tech has worked with financial services and insurance firms to develop cutting-edge solutions for their businesses.

Process Visibility & Optimization
Kellton Tech has a portfolio and a methodology to discover and document key business processes with the goal of enabling simulation, optimization and visibility that lead to reduced cost and cycle times and enhanced customer experience.

- Identify manual touch points and eliminate or move low value activities to low cost locations.
- Identify KPI’s and link to business unit objectives
- Facilitate effective change management and identify opportunities for flexible decisioning.
- Facilitate technology and work optimization and consolidation. Identify common utilities and services.
- Manage variation and exceptions effectively.
- Manage risk through greater process visibility.
- Quick start process portfolio for key processes during Client Onboarding, Managed Account Servicing, Settlement & Clearing Exceptions

Unified Customer Experience & Single Customer View
Our solutions enable a unified branding across web and mobile for the entire product portfolio, understanding client assets and behavior as well as opportunities for new revenue realization.

- Unify the customer experience across business units and product lines leading to a strong branding
- Manage acquired product lines and services under a unified brand strategy
- Understand customer data and behavior, leverage Big Data analytics.

Financial Payment Gateways
We enable end to end straight through processing and seamless integration to internal applications and external partners. Interactions are monitored through the entire lifecycle and exceptions are managed.

- Secure straight through processing between customers/partners and internal applications
- Exceptions are managed
- Provide visibility to transaction lifecycle and costs. Manage SLAs
- Manage heterogeneous infrastructure and eliminate redundancies.

Call center Solution for Financial Services
We focus on simplifying your call center operations with pre-built Business rules and Process Management assets. Built on top of SOA Framework and other industry best practices that automate your call centers, reduce breaks, improve customer service and optimize your costs

- Attract and retain customers with a superior personalized service experience
- Route calls based on rules and business process that makes sense for your business; Native support for ad-hoc processes.
- Improve employee productivity and reduced manual interventions
- Grow high-value services and analyze low value using analytics.

Financial Integration Solutions
Kellton Tech has automation solutions and frameworks tailored for the banking industry, FACT and Patriot Act compliance and an event notification hub framework.

- Integrate banking services at all points of contact
- Unobtrusive and automated process for continuous monitoring of FACT and Patriot Act compliance
- Customizable event notification framework

Kellton Tech has served a wide spectrum of clients, including;

  • Consulting & Advising
  • Situational Analysis & Business Reporting
  • Policy Administration
  • Customer Relationship Management

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