Harnessing the power of LAMP Stack

Kellton Tech uses the far-reaching potential of LAMP Stack to the full extent to provide comprehensive solutions. LAMP, which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, is an open-source web platform that offers a powerful alternative to proprietary platforms. The license-free environment enables us to custom-develop cost-efficient solutions, while offering rapid scale-up capabilities. LAMP offers improved ease of customization, flexibility and deployment, alongside security and a passionate community of supporters. 

Kellton Tech Capabilities:
Kellton Tech’s long-standing contribution to open-source platforms is well-recognized. Therefore, we bring a capability edge in utilizing LAMP Stack for a wide range of custom development serving diverse customer needs. 
Our diverse pool of talent is best-equipped to offer custom LAMP development across the range of industries. Further, our excellent maintenance services enable clients to concentrate on their core business and focus on value-addition. 
Broadly, we build: 
•    Ecommerce Websites
•    Web Portals
•    Content Management System
•    Social Networking Sites
•    Business Application (Salesforce, event-tracking)
•    Online Booking
•    Book Keeping System
•    Marketing Automation
•    Micro-services
•    SaaS Applications

The Kellton Tech Edge:
As a leading global enabler of digital transformation with strong expertise in enterprise solutions, Kellton Tech is uniquely-positioned to leverage the power of LAMP Stack to empower your web-based capabilities.  At Kellton Tech, our expertise extends beyond the core LAMP elements, and encompasses other technologies in the ecosystem. 
On the front-end, our capabilities extend to AngularJS, ReactJS, Bootstrap CSS, SASS. Our back-end No-SQL database capabilities span PostgreSQL and MangoDB. We can implement caching via Memcache and Redis, and create queues based on RebbitMQ, Beanstalkd & Redis. We can provision enterprise search using Apache Solr and Elastic. 
Briefly, our expertise in the below sections extends to:
•    Frameworks: Phalcon, Yii, CakePHP, Laravel, Symfony, Zend
•    CMS: Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla
•    E-Commerce Platforms: Magento, Zencart, OpenCart
Below-mentioned is the architecture of a multifaceted project we implemented for a prestigious organization as a part of their digital transformation initiative:



LampStack Revised_1.jpg

LampStack Revised_1.jpg

Our diverse expertise enables us to analyze the unique customer needs from a holistic perspective, and choose the best technologies from our diverse technology arsenal to develop a custom application. Our leadership in the digital transformation arena makes us best-equipped to scale-up your implementation to requisite levels with faster time-to-value.